The story

With a deep love for adventures and travel and numerous hunting trips behind us, we knew we had to create a place for others to experience our favorite hunting and vacation destination: Spain!

At Arroyo Molino, our aim is to let our guests discover the real Spain, the Spain we’ve fallen in love with. The place where you can enjoy delicious food, explore stunning nature, and experience warm hospitality. We want to share our cherished experiences and make your trip to Spain unforgettable, filled with the wonders of this incredible country.

We’re a Danish couple – Mads is the hunting enthusiast, while Lene enjoys accompanying him on trips to explore the destinations. That’s why it’s essential for us to create a travel destination that makes it possible to experience authentic Spain and different hunting and non-hunting activities in one place – whether you’re traveling as a couple, family, or friends.

We look forward to welcoming you to Arroyo Molino!

Lene & Mads Houe

Meet the team

We can’t do all of this ourselves, and therefore we’re very grateful for our team, which includes Sebastian and Lorenzo, among other good Spanish friends.



Sebastian was born and raised around Arroyo Molino, and he knows every branch that grows here. He assists with all sorts of practical matters and is always ready with a helping hand.

Lorenzo and his family live at Arroyo Molino, and he takes care of the finca from sunrise to sunset. He ensures that the land and animals are well looked after and thriving.