Get to know the finca

Arroyo Molino,  HuNting-Finca in ANDALUSIA, Spain

Arroyo Molino Finca encompasses 1150 hectares of land, showcasing abundant wildlife and stunning natural beauty. The property is situated to the north of Montoro in northern Andalusia.

The landscape

The hilly Mediterranean forest landscape is covered with holm oak and stone pine trees, along with rosemary bushes and fragrant lavender. A big part of Arroyo Molino is within the National Park ‘Parque Natural Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro’, and among this beautiful landscape runs the Arroyo del Arenosillo River.

The animals

On the property, you will find a rich wildlife population that benefits both hunting and agriculture. You can, for instance, experience mouflons, fallow deers, red stags, wild boars, and vultures coexisting with cows, donkeys, and sheep as they roam and fly through the landscape.

Experience Arroyo Molino

If you’re curious about the area and are interested in a stay here for hunting or other delightful experiences, we look forward to hearing from you. Send us an email, and together, we can plan a wonderful trip for you.