Go on photo-safari

The stunning natural beauty and the rich wildlife in Arroyo Molino make it a perfect place for a photo safari. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just enjoy taking pictures of nature, Arroyo Molino offers fantastic opportunities. Grab your camera and explore our carefully chosen spots, strategically located to help you capture amazing photos of animals and the beautiful natural scenery.

At Arroyo Molino, you’ll find beautiful green landscapes, rolling hills, and woodlands that are home to various fascinating animals. During your photo safari, you might spot and photograph a mouflon, red stag, fallow deer, or perhaps a wild boar. The area is also a haven for diverse bird species, and with some patience and luck, you might snap pictures of majestic vultures as they gracefully soar above.

Our team at Arroyo Molino can provide you with tips on the best times and places for your photography sessions. Whether you want to capture the beautiful landscape, the wildlife or breathtaking sunsets you’ll undoubtedly leave with a memory card full of stunning photos to remember your incredible experience in this part of Andalusia. Enjoy your photography adventure at Arroyo Molino!